2016: WATER (English)

2016: WATER (English)

The groundwater conservation program is a part of the implementation of water resources management in an attempt of planning, conducting, watching and evaluating the operation of water resource conservation, water resource utilization, and water damage control. Water resource conservation is an attempt to maintain the existence and sustainability of the water resources’ condition, nature and function in order to sustain the sufficient availability in quantity and quality to meet the needs of living beings today and tomorrow.

Regionally, the groundwater resource in Universitas Sebelas Maret Kentingan Surakarta is a part of the groundwater resource in the area of the Groundwater Basin of Karanganyar-Boyolali.  The amount of potential Groundwater Basin of Karanganyar – Boyolali is as follow: the number of the flow of moving groundwater (Phreatic Groundwater) or shallow groundwater Q = 1,338 million m3 / year and the amount of the flow of under-pressured groundwater or or deep Groundwater (Artesian) Q = 21 million m3 / year.

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