Education (English)

Education (English)

The application of the environmentally friendly campus of UNS is related to the three main pillars of its development; they are: green rules, green attitude and green lifestyle, and green infrastructure.


Education at UNS, then, applies it to the courses, research, and community service.

This is shown by many activities done by the UNS management institutionally and personally. The education of UNS in realizing green attitude and green lifestyleis conducted through the following cases:

  1. Number of courses offered by UNS which is related to environment and its sustainability is significantly increased. Almost all of study programs provide courses to improve green attitude dan green lifestyle.
  2. Research and community service topics related to environment and its sustainability are based on strategic issues established on RIP (the main plan of Community Service and Research)of UNS 2011-2015; theyare: climate change and biodiversity; new and renewable energy; and food security.
  3. There are plenty of academic and non-academic activities related to environment and its sustainability. The concerns and awareness of any parties in UNS is among others: Komunitas Gerakan Hijau Universitas Sebelas Maret (Green Movement Community / GMC UNS) which was established on August 2010.
  4. UNS operates website related to environment and its sustainability since 2011. The websites can be accessed on and

UNS also takes part in making basics, values and implementation of sustainable development in line with the United Nations’ policy on ”The Decade of Education for Sustainable Development”, which is described in Education components as follows: