2016: WATER (English)

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The groundwater conservation program is a part of the implementation of water resources management in an attempt of planning, conducting, watching and evaluating the operation of water resource conservation, water […]

2016: WASTE (English)

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The degrading global environmental awareness has taken public concern all over the world in various sectors, including education. Higher education as the front liner of innovation and the development of […]

2016: TRANSPORTATION (English)

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Although there habe been already many bicycle shelters available in several spots in UNS, in this year, 2016, UNS builds new bicycle shelters with new design, like in the image […]


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Criteria about: Energy efficient appliances usage are replacing conventional appliances, Smart building implementation, Renewable energy produce inside campus, Electricity usage per year (in kilo watt hour), Ratio of renewable energy produce/production towards total energy usage […]

2016: EDUCATION (English)

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Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) applies the principles of sustainable development through the implementation of three core responsibilities of higher education, including teaching, research, and community services, which are based on […]


2015: WATER (English)

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Based on Government Regulation of The Republic of Indonesia No 43 Year 2008, Article 2 on groundwater states that groundwater management is based on groundwater basin and is held based […]


2015: WASTE (English)

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The degradation of global environment quality has inspired the environmental awareness of the world society in various sectors including education sector. Higher education institution, as a renewal and enhancement of […]


2015: TRANSPORTATION (English)

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Green Transportation Concept is a applied so that means of transportation will be more environmentally friendly. Green Transportation is an approach to realize the transportation producing less or no green […]

Energy and Climate Change


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1. Figure: The centre of Biodiesel development 2. Figure: The activity of Biodiesel Development at Biofuel Laboratory Engineering Faculty   3. Figure: The Processof desiccation of biofuel row material 4. Figure: […]